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    The RCC Ministry for Seniors provides fellowship, community, enrichment, and volunteer involvement for those aged 55 and above. We provide training and opportunities for outreach and evangelism to the senior community in and around RCC. 

   We held the first Wellness and Health Expo for Seniors January 28, 2023, co-sponsored by Jimmy Bejrano, Florida Legacy Advisors. We had 23 vendors, 27 participants, and 16 volunteers. As a result, we have sponsors for workshops, recreational activities and a support network for senior citizen challenges. 


On April 15, 2023, Pastors John and Elaine Mango, Universal King Ministries, from St. Louis, Missouri conducted the Nursing Home Ministry Training with nine attendees. After many delays, we held our first service on September 30, 2023 Apopka Health and Rehabilitation Center. We have twelve volunteers that participate in in the Nursing Home Ministry, including children, teenagers, and younger adults. It is a blessing to give back to the residents and their families. On October 28, Gail, one of the patient’s wife was scheduled to go to a 70th birthday party of a friend who had cancer, but the person was hospitalized. We had her stand in the gap and we prayed for her friend. On November 11, she told us that her friend was released from the hospital after a couple of days and the party was rescheduled for that night. We also had four team members who gave some powerful testimonies. And there was a pastor present who encouraged us all. We pray for the residents and help them complete the RCC Prayer Cards and put them in our prayer box. We see the joy that comes from knowing that the Lord has not forgotten about them. Our theme song is, “You get the glory.”

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Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

Dr. Rubbie Brooks, PhD. 
Senior's Department Director
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