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A Tapestry of Faith and Creativity
At the core of our church, we yearn for the undeniable presence of God every time we unite in worship. In this sacred space, the arts burst forth with exuberance, as dance and song intertwine, crafting a radiant mosaic of worship that exalts our King Jesus.

Inclusive Worship for Every Soul
Whether you're young or young-at-heart, our worship embraces everyone. We're passionate about nurturing and guiding each soul, teaching them the beautiful art of worship in Spirit and Truth. Our diverse expressions unite us, forging a community bound by faith, love, and shared devotion.

Journey with Us into God's Embrace
Together, we aim to bridge our congregation's hands, placing them tenderly into the loving hands of God. As we journey forward, let us embrace this sacred path of faith-filled expression, growing closer to God and one another. Come, join us in celebrating the boundless beauty of worship and the transformative power of God's love!

Contact Info | Email:

Tito Tosado
Worship Department Director
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