Remnant Christian Center is a place where lasting healing is established and your identity in Christ is revealed. We strive for people to grow in the love of God through prayer, discipleship, accountability, and fellowship while recognizing your God given gifts.

RCC’s Mission (Why we exist):

Our mission is to be an active community of ordinary people living an extraordinary life in Christ by the authentic power of the Holy Spirit. 


RCC’s Vision (Where is our focus/direction):

Our vision is to restore the identity in Christ and raise up disciples that are set apart to transform our city and beyond. 


RCC’s Core Values (What we believe in “non-negotiable values” that guides our decisions):

    1. Be rooted in the identity of Christ through the working of the Holy Spirit. 

    2. Made whole and healed in Christ through biblical discipleship.

    3. Empowering people to thrive in their God-given gifts and talents. 

    4. Be active in the community, outreach, and fellowship


RCC’s Practices:

  1. Be rooted in identity -- Modeling Christ and demonstrating love by being available for people.

  2. Made whole and healed -- Actively be a part of spiritual formation and restoration with ministries at RCC (i.e. teaching, training, connect groups, services, etc.)

  3. Empowering people -- Proactively mentoring and equipping the body of Christ to fulfill their God-given purpose.

  4. Be active in the community – Gather regularly to care and strengthen one another for spiritual growth and maturity.


RCC’s Strategic Priorities (SP) & Goals: (How we succeed)

  1. Strategic Priority | Build-up next-generation leadership & capability

  2. Strategic Priority | Strengthen organizational talent and community development

  3. Strategic Priority | Grow disciples (volunteers) and invest in vital resources

  4. Strategic Priority | Build relationship with regional businesses and other community organizations

  5. Strategic Priority | Improve senior leadership development and talent planning




1. Fellowship & communion with God; 2. Fellowship with other people; 3. Connectivity with the message & culture of the local church; 4. Connecting by releasing your gifts


RCC is a church community that will provide opportunities to serve the local church and our surrounding cities by using your God-given gifts and talents. We desire RCC to be a place where your gifts and talents will be used to the fullest in the areas that your heart comes alive the most.


One of the exciting visions of Remnant Christian Center is to create a culture where all kinds of arts are welcomed and can be freely expressed as a form of worship to the Lord Jesus Christ.  


RCC desires to be a place of outreach to our city and those that do not know the Lord. We desire to be a church community that is actively seeking to reach and save the lost, and care for those that are in need in our community.