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How we began our
journey as a church

The reason we are being commissioned to the city of Apopka, FL was not because we necessarily thought of it on our own, but it was because of divine prophetic direction and the desire of the Lord for us to be in Apopka. Before the church launch was even an idea, there was a clear prophetic declaration to our Senior Pastor, George Sotolongo on the location for this Church.


While sitting in a coffee shop in Ocoee, FL, George received a powerful prophetic declaration while sitting with someone who is highly prophetic, and this person said: "I see you somewhere in the North of Ocoee. It will be a very vibrant and fruitful work of The Lord!"


A couple of months later, Pastor George was meeting with a friend of his that would try to help out with an actual location for Remnant Christian Center. At that time the city was still not revealed to us where we would plant RCC. While in the car and driving to this meeting, the GPS system alerted Pastor George to turn towards Apopka. Suddenly, as George looked up at the sign on the road, his car was filled with the presence of the Lord as he saw two words stand out to him: "NORTH APOPKA!" Suddenly the voice of the Lord from the coffee shop several months prior that said "I see you somewhere in the north" rang in George's mind and he remembered that prophetic declaration at that moment.


The Lord revealed to George that directly north of Ocoee, is the city of Apopka, and that he and his team would build the new church, Remnant Christian Center, in Apopka, Florida.


This is why we are planted in Apopka, FL. This is the desire from The Lord Himself for RCC and its spiritual community.

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